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Hi guys,

In light of the new leadership positions, we want members to be able to clearly identify leaders of AKC on gameranger. These are our new tags:

+[AKC] is for the Conclave
%[AKC] is for the sub-Conclave
[AKC] is for members

Please adjust your tags on gameranger.

These changes are NOT required for forums. AKC_ should be OK for the forums, and look better this way.

Thanks mates,

AKC_Pico & Conclave

So don't forget to change your tags everyone smile

Indeed, when involved in AKC games, I'll be a plus, LOL.


Skype name = akc_hug3_
Sooo... never? 19

Thats cold pico


[b]I am the punishment of God...If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you[/b]
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24-06-2017 11:56
Everyone head over to our Discord! https://discord.g.

19-06-2017 16:44
Can't wait to play some games on Definitive Edition!

18-05-2017 14:52
nice to see the site is still here smile

12-05-2017 05:19
So how many would play?

01-02-2017 08:49
Yes please!

22-01-2017 09:11
Sounds good to me

09-01-2017 22:14
We can probably schedule one two months in advance to make sure everyone has time for a 3-6 hour session of games?

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Started: 04/05/2013 14:27

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