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Join us for our weekly clan game on fridays! More information below:

Fridays @ 12:00PM PST / 3:00PM EST / 8:00PM GMT

Please be sure to have the latest patch and scenarios to play with us, links for those are located on the homepage. Please meetup on our Discord a little early for pre and post-discussion! Thanks!
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We're back, baby! [Age Knights Clan]
Hi all,

Most of you know we've been back for a few weeks now since the announcement of AOE: DE, but I wanted to make it official here. We're back! Here are the details of our return to an active state:

1. We'll play AOE: Rise of Rome as normal with our custom scenarios until Age of Empires: Definitive Edition comes out. Once the game is released, we'll move to play DE as our main game, and continue support for AOE1/ROR.

2. We've gathered most of the old Conclave back into accepted leadership positions, and each will have a role to fulfill. Doom & Raven are back and on-top of things, I've been working with them daily on the nitty gritty stuff. We're all very excited for whats to come!

3. Back in the days of MSN we used to chat a lot, now that that's gone, we're going to be using Discord. Discord allows for text chatting and voice chatting in-game. We already have 10+ AKC's in Discord chatting about our last few games, please join us there:

Click here: https://discord.g...

4. Weekly Clan Games on Fridays have been started and have been successful for the past two weeks! We'll be playing ever Friday @ 12:00PM PST / 3:00PM EST / 8:00PM GMT. Meetup on Discord a little early and be prepared to play on Gameranger with us!

5. Website updates. We've updated our website here to be cleaner, simpler, and updated on information regarding who we are, what we do, weekly games, and so forth. Please bookmark our site and participate in the community when possible. Discord is for live chatting, the forums here are for deeper discussion.

Let me know if anyone has any questions. When DE comes out the community is going to explode in growth, we're preparing for that activity in advance and can't wait to see AKC going strong for another 10 years. smile Thanks for being a part of our history and journey.

+[AKC]Pico & The Conclave

Looking forward to getting AKC recognised again

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01-09-2017 12:05
I am smile

01-09-2017 01:57
Hey Mystic! Join us on Discord so that we can chat and play together! smile

31-08-2017 11:31
Hey guys smile

24-06-2017 11:56
Everyone head over to our Discord! https://discord.g.

19-06-2017 16:44
Can't wait to play some games on Definitive Edition!

18-05-2017 14:52
nice to see the site is still here smile

12-05-2017 05:19
So how many would play?