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Weekly Clan Game
Join us for our weekly clan game on fridays! More information below:

Fridays @ 12:00PM PST / 3:00PM EST / 8:00PM GMT

Please be sure to have the latest patch and scenarios to play with us, links for those are located on the homepage. Please meetup on our Discord a little early for pre and post-discussion! Thanks!
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Clan Tournament Friday, 08/16/13
AKC has one tournament every two weeks, on Fridays, at the same time. The person who wins the most in our multiple games wins the tourney. We usually play at least 5-7 games, mixing up the maps we play on in our map pack.

Our next one coming up is on Friday, 08/16/13 at 3PM EDT/8PM GMT.

You must post that you're attending in this thread in order to participate in friday's tournament. You MUST be an AKC member.

Please suggest what map(s) you would like to play, and please RSVP in your post. Thanks!

See last weeks results HERE:

People attending this Tournament:

Edited by AKC_Pico on 09-08-2013 14:38

I'm here.

I'm working solid 12 hour shifts for the next 14 days....
However, I might be able to play a couple of games. Although it depends on my internet connection and how tired I am. lol

Ill be there.


I work guys :( // predictions Doom wins// i have spoken.... ------=======communication terminated_


[b]I am the punishment of God...If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you[/b]
I might atted

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24-06-2017 11:56
Everyone head over to our Discord! https://discord.g.

19-06-2017 16:44
Can't wait to play some games on Definitive Edition!

18-05-2017 14:52
nice to see the site is still here smile

12-05-2017 05:19
So how many would play?

01-02-2017 08:49
Yes please!

22-01-2017 09:11
Sounds good to me

09-01-2017 22:14
We can probably schedule one two months in advance to make sure everyone has time for a 3-6 hour session of games?