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Campaign Guides
CIV Shang

Shang is the best civilization for nonmilitary games or where your objective is to build a Wonder. Shang villagers cost 30 percent less (35 food) than other civilizations giving them a huge economical advantage. Also, they're walls are double the hit points than other civilizations. But Shang is very hard to build a stable military with since their military gets no advantages. You should focus on building villagers and gathering resources until you can mass produce super units (like Cataphracts or Centurions). Until then you should securely Wall up your sourroundings until you are ready to attack. Upgrade your Walls as fast as possible so your opponent will have to attack stronger and stronger Walls. Also put Ranged units in back of your walls to kill any units of your opponents that try to get in.

At the start of the game, create as many villagers as you can before advancing. Also, have three or more villagers mining stone so you'll have enough to wall your sourroundings. Then build about ten of each structure that you'll produce units out of. Build a massive army then attack your opponent. To further ensure your victory, attack your opponent early on with Scouts or Bowmen and try to kill your opponents villagers. Having a strong economy will ensure your success too.

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24-06-2017 11:56
Everyone head over to our Discord! https://discord.g.

19-06-2017 16:44
Can't wait to play some games on Definitive Edition!

18-05-2017 14:52
nice to see the site is still here smile

12-05-2017 05:19
So how many would play?

01-02-2017 08:49
Yes please!

22-01-2017 09:11
Sounds good to me

09-01-2017 22:14
We can probably schedule one two months in advance to make sure everyone has time for a 3-6 hour session of games?

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