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Weekly Clan Game
Join us for our weekly clan game on fridays! More information below:

Fridays @ 12:00PM PST / 3:00PM EST / 8:00PM GMT

Please be sure to have the latest patch and scenarios to play with us, links for those are located on the homepage. Please meetup on our Discord a little early for pre and post-discussion! Thanks!
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Official Map Pack 1.0
We play CS (Custom Scenario).

To download our custom scenarios, click the link below:


Install: Place files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires\scenario

We are the last remaining community of cs players for age of empires: rise of rome.

Age of Knights Clan
Official Custom Scenario Pack

Current Version 1.0

Released 6th August 2013 - 49 Maps

Map List
1v1 (2P)
3 Alert (3P)
3 Way (3P)
4 Artifacts (4P)
4 Islands (2v2)
4 Lakes (4P)
4 on 1 (4v1)
4 Walls (4P)
8 Way (8P)
Africa (DM) (8P)
Africa (NM) (8P)
Africa (RM) (8P)
Castle Blood (8P)
Death Valley (8P)
Fight to the End (2v2)
Fight to the End (4P)
Football (2v2-1) (AKC Classic)
Gold Rush Tower Defence (2v6)
Hidden Wealth (4P)
Hunter Vs Defenders (1v4)
Hunter Vs Defenders (Wonder Edition) (1v4)
Hunters Vs Defenders (Advanced Edition) (2v6)
Legion War (3 Ruins)
Legion War (5 Ruins)
Lion Hell (4P) (Classic)
Lion Hell (4P)
Lion Hell (8P)
Michi Maze (4v4)
Michi-4-Way (4P)
Modern Warfare (4P)
Nomad Alpha (8P) (Classic)
Nomad Beta (8P) (Classic)
Numenor (5P)
Ocean Blood (8P) (Classic)
Perfect Lake (Classic)
Persian War (2v2) (Classic)
Persian War (2v2v2v2)
Priest War (2v2)
Priest War (3v3)
Road Map (Classic)
Roman Empire (2v2v2v2) (Classic)
Roman Empire (4P) (Classic)
Seas Of Doom (4P)
Shipwrecked (8P)
Tower Defence (4v4)
Wall Justice (4v2)
Wonder Defence (4v4)
Wonder Hell (4P)
Wood War (4P)

Updates will be released at regular intervals to add to this list. Updates will be done in blocks rather than single maps. So delays are to be expected. We will continually work on new maps and other submissions made to us. Thanks for your patience.

One last note, some maps you know may be 'missing'. Do not worry too much as these maps are simply been worked on right now and were not ready before the main release. These will be arriving in future updates. So keep your eyes peeled.

Any queries please ask myself or Pico. Cheers.


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18-04-2019 11:53
Hi Gerard!

21-06-2018 17:08
hey fellas, anyone still playing aoe? be pretty cool to hook up for some games!

17-06-2018 17:52
got aoe working! ill keep an eye on this board for games! smile chat soon! - HaPpY

03-06-2018 17:35
hi guys its been a while smile hope all is well, would love to play again but will need help setting up aoe on my lap top! chat soon!

01-09-2017 12:05
I am smile

01-09-2017 01:57
Hey Mystic! Join us on Discord so that we can chat and play together! smile

31-08-2017 11:31
Hey guys smile