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Age Of Empires Revisited
A new project is starting and we are looking for people with scenario design and modding skill-sets.

The new mod will not be one of those over-ambitious projects it is will be centered on re-balancing the existing game, making things more up to date (hoping for a widescreen patch included without affecting the exe).

We have numerous positions to fill:
Tool programming (C, VB, etc) eg mod installer -remover
Map Making
Article Writer
User and Tester

We are at the planning stage and will table work based on our team abilities.

Rough Ideas will include:
Tool programming (C, VB, etc) eg mod installer -remover (even 3rd party open source tools we can use would be helpful)

Modding - Tech tree, Unit and Building Stats

Map Making - Real World Maps for the Game Civs

AI - Pop 200 Ai's for existing AI's (or better ones)

Balance - Game testing and noting OP units and techs

Article Writer - Help with the project Wiki to get people started.

Graphics - Entirely living in dreamland (Graphic artists able to revamp the existing graphics to make them look modern)

User and Testers - People interested in installing the mod once finished, testing it and giving feedback.

We are still in the planning stage so we need some good people that can work with others to join. So if you toyed with the idea of modding the game here is your chance to be part of the team.

Project Home:

Our Ethos:

BTW is Pico still alive?
Sounds interesting. I'd offer myself for the mapmaking... Seem to be particularly good at it... the only problem is that I just don't have enough time to sit down and work on such things... :/

Not a problem. When ever you get a chance would be good.

I am still trying to sort out some balance issues. In the process I ended up making two new units. A skirmisher or anti Archer and a Militia unit which is good against buildings and has good pierce armor.

These will probably put up for download soon. The current download already has trade over land but it needs a dock to work. You send it to your dock first then send it to your allies dock and the trade cart goes back and forward getting some gold. At the moment you can't have more than one or two carts because of the way the dock fills with gold. But one trade cart gives a nice trickle of gold for late games. For map design there is the new building Trade Workshop which is unlocked. Also the Trade Cart which uses the relic type image.

Some real world maps would be nice if you ever get a chance. Preferably Middle East meets Europe or Middle East meets Asia, Middle East and Northern Africa etc. Until we get a stable patch using the normal map design tools would be fine.
Yeah, well if I get some free time on my hands I might give it a go. I'm not sure when that will be, but you never know. I'll keep it in mind. smile

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