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World Gaming Federation
Hi guys,

Hope all is well with everyone, and apologies for not being so active these past few weeks - miss you all!
"These member(s) were recently dropped because they stopped logging in."

I was just browsing through some very, very, very old bookmarks, and noticed that was down. Checked registration, it was open, and decided to take it up for historical purposes.

Unfortunately WGF started to break down years ago after adding Travian and condoning mass cheating between members. They lost their Age of Empire roots completely by pushing it to the sidelines without a second thought. Looks like they finally gave up. WGF was a very rich part of our history as a family based clan, and something we need to be very thankful for.

Edit: I just wanted to clarify, although some of us do like to brag and bag on WGF - they were the foundation of our clan achievements, a guide to our organized clan leadership, and a mentor in how to "not" run a clan. That's not meant to be demeaning, we could not have been as successful as we are now without many good WGF folk who decided to switch over and support this clan. In the end - it's all about the game, and I think many of us (myself included) get too involved in politics and drama, sometimes forgetting we're all here to play a game that we share our love for. The minute we forget about the game, or the friendships built by playing it, our clan will cease to exist. I'm convinced that the "family first" path we took was the right one, and I think most of you would agree considering our activity in 2014. Keep playing. Stay genuine. Enjoy the game.


Feel free to read our no-longer-so-organized history between WGF and AKC over here: http://www.pico-g...age_id=138 (it's horribly written/spelled and arguably inacurate as I wrote some of it over half a decade ago with a grudge - bear with me)

Several WGF members contributed to this historical archive, including AKC_Huge (formerly Saint_HUG3), Didos DK (formerly WGF_Didos), AKC_Nurse (formerly WGF_Nurse) AKC_Pico (formerly WGF_Pico), AKC_Doom, AKC_Underdog (formerly WGF_Underdog), AKC_Eri (formerly WGF_Eri), AKC_Raven (formerly WGF_Raven), AKC_Ulf (formerly WGF_Ulf54), AKC_Sharpshot (formerly WGF_Sharpshot), AKC_Java, AKC_Hasan and AKC_UWJ. Thank you.

I've archived some of the old website, and we'll have that content linked up shortly. Many of our old clan mates are from WGF and I bet they will like to have some type or archive set up. They should be able to browse from 2005 with most of it's content, with only a few threads from the locked wgf forums.


David / Pico
Edited by AKC_Pico on 30-01-2014 23:17

Interesting news, perhaps they just could no longer pay for the upkeep of the website? Perhaps they have moved elsewhere. I'm pretty sure I saw elements of WGF quite recently.... I will have a look around for that and get a link back if I find anything.

But yeah, RIP WGF (Unless I find otherwise). I never had direct contact with them, but I know they used to be big. smile

Hi Doom,

Those are not WGF members that you are seeing (I have seen them too), WGF had basically dropped recruiting/support of any sort for AOE back in 2009-2010, and became a full fledged Travian clan 2010-2011. Very sad to see a clan lose it's roots the way they did - but they had a very shaky foundation from the beginning - a brutal recruiting/application process and the corruption/cheating that occurred during it's leadership (like our former conclave). They had very closed forums and community, not to mention they dropped their oldest and most loyal members like flies for not logging in.

Coincidentally this is why many WGF members moved over to us, we have open forums and use positive encouragement over scare tactics. This is why our "family clan" (strong foundation) is surviving as long as it is. We're still going strong after 7 long years, it's amazing. It makes me super proud to be here and know you all personally, both real life and online.



Yeah, Well I guess your right with ditching their roots in AoE. I had a look and found nothing. I'm pretty sure they were on facebook at one time. Almost certain of it, but like you said. They ditched their roots almost instantly.

Working away I'm stuck in this hotel every night haha. But since I have to be up early I won't be up past 11pm GMT in most cases.

They are on facebook as I am part of there page they are talking about going one last time for old time sake will keep you guys informed we need AKC back up there what can we do to push this?

Ah I knew I saw it somewhere. It came up in my newsfeed that you had liked their page... Although looking through your likes... I can't find it. So who knows....

Trolooloolol nice.


@doom, @raven, email me

Have emailed you dave

I haven't said anything to him as of yet, hopefully he drops by and reads through the threads lol. Buy yeah, I sent you that email.

Hi guys,

I have emailed you back. Looking forward.


Great, I've replied now anyway.

Locking this thread and moving to archive.

Leaving on a bright note, although we are now the last (major) clan in the community, we are extremely active. Many several AKC's are on daily playing games, posting in our forums, and our weekly tournament rsvp lists are huge. We're kicking some major ass!

7 years strong guys, let's go for another seven!


Pico / David

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Hi Gerard!

21-06-2018 17:08
hey fellas, anyone still playing aoe? be pretty cool to hook up for some games!

17-06-2018 17:52
got aoe working! ill keep an eye on this board for games! smile chat soon! - HaPpY

03-06-2018 17:35
hi guys its been a while smile hope all is well, would love to play again but will need help setting up aoe on my lap top! chat soon!

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I am smile

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Hey Mystic! Join us on Discord so that we can chat and play together! smile

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