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#1 | mazur on June 12 2016 07:43:06
hi there! i recently downloaded the AoE ROR el capitan updated version, but when i open the application the music works and everything but the screen is all messed up and i cant see the menu. if i hit space bar a few times it gets to a random map game, which was alright, but none of the people do the actions i set them e.g. chop tree etc. is there any way i can fix this?? thank you legend ^_^
#2 | AKC_TriCkZ on April 19 2015 19:41:53
Hey David. Did you get my private Message?
#3 | fatfrankie123 on February 28 2015 11:38:10
hey pico,

first i would like to thank you for making it possible for me to play age of empires on my macbook i had been searching for a week straight before i found you link and it has rely brought me back to my childhood. i also have a couple questions i would love if you could help me with.

1. i downloaded the latest one for mac mavericks i am playing on a macbook pro 10.9 , is there anyway for me to download the latest patch that fixes a lot of the bugs in the game? i have tried a couple of downloads and tried using wineskin but i can’t seem to figure it out, i am dying for assistance as my troops will not stand ground and always run off at the site of one hunter haha

2. when i click multiplayer from the menu my computer freezes. i am trying to download gameranger but when i do it says the application is open but i can’t see any windows, i see other people have been having this problem as well is there any way around this?

3. i also have a mac tower running 10.7 that i downloaded the port but I’m getting the half screen and super glitchy screen that stops me from being able to see anything without repeatedly tapping the down key to glitch out the screen for clarity.

thank you again i hope you can help with some of my questions, sorry if it is long winded. i just joined the website @ fatfrankie123 , hopefully i can see you on gameranger soon haha
#4 | Eminem133o on May 29 2013 08:22:36
Say the password
#5 | Eminem133o on May 29 2013 08:14:19
Pico whats the password
#6 | AKC_Tom03 on February 11 2011 18:58:16
nice cat smile
#7 | AKC_Bloop on July 09 2009 16:37:45
I Found PICOSCAPE! lol
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Location Princeton, NJ
Birthdate September 20 1991
My Presentation - Use HTML (pictures, youtube, fonts, ect.)

Every other story has its fallen angel or disgraced Hero. They come in all shapes and sizes. Books, video games, comics, history, and human experiences. Out of this emotional trauma, the Hero is shaped and defined. He grows and he learns. He disappears and he appears. He is knocked down and then he is built back up. He will rise again and he will return. It is in this return, that everything boils down. It is in this type of Story that Pico is defined…

The one and only WGF Pico was booted and removed from WGF. He was charged with fraud, two accounts, and behavior issues. Many players are removed and booted from Clans, but each leaves its lasting impression(Hopefully). However, this time, Pico was innocent. His growing disagreement with the WGF leader, Freak, eventually brought about the “Fallen” in his name. False charges and accusations sent Pico Clan-less in a community that had no other clans for Age of Empires. WGF had been his only alternative, and it is in this exile that Pico forms the AKC clan on March 8th of 2006.

Pico soon realized that a Clan built upon revenge would not last. Not Sure, where to go, Pico journeyed into a new territory. He was not sure how it started or where it began, but it brought him farther then he could imagine. This journey would last several months and as time grew, Pico realized himself. He learned and he studied. He grew and he adapted. Roaming the halls of Gamepark and IGZ, he found a corrupted community. Clans hated each other, they detested one another and they winded aimlessly with no direction. The AoC community was a let down. Acting as a friend first and a mediator , Pico swore to bring law back to the land. He witnessed the debates, the conflicts, and the pointless argues. Bringing his own words to the table, he gave his own judgments, bringing peace to fighters and Rogues. He gave birth to forums for new clans and old ones alike. He worked to unify the clans and swept the debris from the old fights. It was in this time that Pico learned that his Clan needed him more then ever. AKC would not be built on revenge, but a new Standings.

Players alike that just wanted to have a good time, gathered to be apart of something. AKC grew and grew. It was a force to be reckoned with. As AKC advanced, the vision of WGF faded and faded. Without raising a finger, the image of revenge faded as WGF faded itself. There was nothing to take revenge for and Pico decided that this was not about revenge, but bringing your best buds under one roofs. Where AoE players could enjoy themselves. Old friends such as WGF_Didos and WGF_Nurse, removed their tags and joined in Picos Crusade, helping to establish the Strongest AoE Clan in history.

Pico is now the administrator of countless websites, a moderator at the IGZ staff, and maintains his own private client for Age of Empires and gaming. His battered past with WGF has only made him stronger, if not a better person. It has added a story to his long and hard climb to Success. While many, might of gave up and stayed fallen. Pico has proved time and time again, what it means to be a fallen “Hero.” AKC clan is now by far the strongest AoE Clan to date…Without further review, I welcome to you the “Age of Empire Knights Clan” Written by Pico’s Friend,
Saint Crusader


My cat named Hunter

Another Picture of Hunter

A picture of my familly when i was smaller


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Playing Project Powder

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Hi Gerard!

21-06-2018 17:08
hey fellas, anyone still playing aoe? be pretty cool to hook up for some games!

17-06-2018 17:52
got aoe working! ill keep an eye on this board for games! smile chat soon! - HaPpY

03-06-2018 17:35
hi guys its been a while smile hope all is well, would love to play again but will need help setting up aoe on my lap top! chat soon!

01-09-2017 12:05
I am smile

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Hey Mystic! Join us on Discord so that we can chat and play together! smile

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