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AKC History
Thanks for taking your time to read through AKC's history. We have a pretty rich history as a family clan, so there will be lots to read for sure. In advance, I would like to apologize for grammar and spelling, a lot of this was written during my highschool years, and now after finishing college, I have little time to go over it all. Try your best to bear with me.

We want to thank several members for contributing to this historical archive, including AKC_Huge (formerly Saint_HUG3), Didos DK (formerly WGF_Didos), AKC_Nurse (formerly WGF_Nurse) AKC_Pico (formerly WGF_Pico), AKC_Doom, AKC_Underdog (formerly WGF_Underdog), AKC_Eri (formerly WGF_Eri), AKC_Raven (formerly WGF_Raven), AKC_Ulf (formerly WGF_Ulf54), AKC_Sharpshot (formerly WGF_Sharpshot), AKC_Java, AKC_Hasan and AKC_UWJ. Thank you.


It's a little outdated, but it's a decent read!

Fun Facts

When AKC_Pico became homeless, former WGF members WGF_Nurse (AKC_Nurse) and WGF_Underdog (AKC_Underdog) housed him around 2008 in Illinois, gave him a home and place to stay for 8 months. That's what I call a family clan!

Crusader's Version

Every other story has its fallen angel or disgraced Hero. They come in all shapes and sizes. Books, video games, comics, history, and human experiences. Out of this emotional trauma, the Hero is shaped and defined. He grows and he learns. He disappears and he appears. He is knocked down and then he is built back up. He will rise again and he will return. It is in this return, that everything boils down. It is in this type of Story that Pico is defined…

The one and only WGF Pico was booted and removed from WGF. He was charged with fraud, two accounts, and behavior issues. Many players are removed and booted from Clans, but each leaves its lasting impression(Hopefully). However, this time, Pico was innocent. His growing disagreement with the WGF leader, Freak, eventually brought about the “Fallen” in his name. False charges and accusations sent Pico Clan-less in a community that had no other clans for Age of Empires. WGF had been his only alternative, and it is in this exile that Pico forms the AKC clan on March 8th of 2006.

Pico soon realized that a Clan built upon revenge would not last. Not Sure, where to go, Pico journeyed into a new territory. He was not sure how it started or where it began, but it brought him farther then he could imagine. This journey would last several months and as time grew, Pico realized himself. He learned and he studied. He grew and he adapted. Roaming the halls of Gamepark and IGZ, he found a corrupted community. Clans hated each other, they detested one another and they winded aimlessly with no direction. The AoC community was a let down. Acting as a friend first and a mediator , Pico swore to bring law back to the land. He witnessed the debates, the conflicts, and the pointless argues. Bringing his own words to the table, he gave his own judgments, bringing peace to fighters and Rogues. He gave birth to forums for new clans and old ones alike. He worked to unify the clans and swept the debris from the old fights. It was in this time that Pico learned that his Clan needed him more then ever. AKC would not be built on revenge, but a new Standings.

Players alike that just wanted to have a good time, gathered to be apart of something. AKC grew and grew. It was a force to be reckoned with. As AKC advanced, the vision of WGF faded and faded. Without raising a finger, the image of revenge faded as WGF faded itself. There was nothing to take revenge for and Pico decided that this was not about revenge, but bringing your best buds under one roofs. Where AoE players could enjoy themselves. Old friends such as WGF_Didos and WGF_Nurse, removed their tags and joined in Picos Crusade, helping to establish the Strongest AoE Clan in history.

Pico is now the administrator of countless websites, a moderator at the IGZ staff, and maintains his own private client for Age of Empires and gaming. His battered past with WGF has only made him stronger, if not a better person. It has added a story to his long and hard climb to Success. While many, might of gave up and stayed fallen. Pico has proved time and time again, what it means to be a fallen “Hero.” AKC clan is now by far the strongest AoE Clan to date…Without further review, I welcome to you the “Age of Empire Knights Clan”.

Written by Pico’s Friend,

-Saint Crusader

The History of AKC

Last updated 1st May 2009

I. The Beginning

Before AKC was created in the spring of 2006; Pico was in WGF – World Gaming Federation, a age of empires based clan (now a travian based clan, counting 0 AOE members and 42 Travian members as of 2010). WGF had established themselves as being extremely obsessed with high standards, restrictions, security, and complicated rules - including dropping/removing old time members for inactivity. In addition, WGF was a very closed clan, with an extremely frustrating and scary registration and application process to join the clan. Pico ran into some serious problems for several misdemeanours including fraud, multi-accounting, forum spam, and behavioural issues. The main “crime” that Pico “committed” was helping a friend named Eri evade a ban. He also had growing disagreements with top member WGF_Freak. This would eventually lead to Pico’s removal.

During these times, Pico had become very interested in web design, and he had set out to create an online shop for the purpose of selling video games. Another former WGF member by the name of WGF_Didos had already started teaching Pico how to create a decent website, and together, they created Although the website was not fully developed originally, it would inspire Pico to found AKC. Through teaching Pico web design, Didos mentored Pico a lot. Eventually, Eri and Pico would co-found AKC. Originally, it was named the “Age of Empires Knight Clan.” We currently go as the “Age Knights Clan.” Thus, Pico was able to create a new gaming clan without the elements of dictatorship that WGF promoted. Pico resolved to make AKC bigger and better than WGF would ever dream about being, and the clan would be built on freedom. He would become the genius behind what would become the ultimate clan with the qualities that every gaming clan would envy.

II. Growing Pains

At first, WGF members mocked and laughed at Pico and the first few members. They said that this small, inferior and worthless group of gamers would not last a week. Before Pico’s dreams became reality, the clan went through some serious growing pains.

AKC was originally an Age Of Empires clan with a handful of rather inactive members, but as the word got out, the clan grew. AKC began to support several different games, including Halo II and ADX5. These games were eventually removed due to the lack of leadership and the fact that Pico was unable to recruit enough members to keep these games supported. Then, the inevitable feud with WGF would begin, and as WGF began to envy what the “little kid” was doing in AKC, Pico was forced to defend himself against a multitude of attacks from jealous WGF members. This was a time where what did not kill AKC made it stronger, and names like Eri, Dave, and Nurswlooks (Nurse with looks) would be immortalized as AKC heroes.

One major obstacle at this time was the clan website. Even though Didos worked hard on the site, Pico was inexperienced and had a habit of taking down the site. There was a lot of downtime, spam from WGF members, and flaws in the design. Thus, Didos began working on themes for the site in an attempt to solve these problems. He was able to create the first ever AKC website themes, and these themes would become the foundation of the site. These themes allowed members to select which colours they wanted to see the website displayed with, and this generated traffic for new members as they enjoyed the versatility.
Although the website had been improved, he was not fond of the forums, and he then created a ProBoards forum that would be connected to the site. This experiment lasted a month before it was deemed dysfunctional by the clan.

III. Exploring new territories

As the clan grew, so did Pico’s interests in new games. He took an interest in Runescape, and with the help of QueenJava, he formed a branch that would be known as Zero Knights. ZK was led by QueenJava and Hasanh, and the branch would prosper for a while. The clan became more stable during this time as well, and to help generate site traffic, Pico registered himself to the top 200 list. This website was a place where the top 200 websites for any game were listed, and as people voted for a site, you could generate traffic by being rated high.

AKC would eventually achieve second place to WGF. WGF had dominated the AoE list for a long time, but by cheating, and when Pico discovered the cheating that was happened, he immediately reported WGF for it. With WGF removed from the voting, AKC would begin an era of dominance of this top 200 list.

Around this time as well, Pico began exploring other clan forums, and his adventures led him to discover Saints. Saints, at the time, was a new AoC CS clan that had been launched during Christmas of 2006. It was at this forum that a new feud began between WGF and AKC. WGF_Freak, WGF_Bean, and several others decided to launch an anti-AKC campaign at the Saint’s forum, and there was a long fight between the two factions over the top 200 list. The WGF attack was based on how the removal from the top200 had messed up the WGF financial situation, because WGF were not getting enough hits from their Google ads to cover website maintenance costs.

Freak insisted that Pico had manipulated the removal, so as to wreck WGF’s financial situation. Pico knew that these accusations were sheer garbage because not only are there other sites like the top200 that one can try to generate traffic with, but that anyone could re-register with top200. Pico eventually decided to apologize, but WGF refused to recognize this apology, and thus the fight concluded with the removal of the forum topics.

IV. Freedom

After learning about Saints, and several other AoC CS clans, Pico was inspired to organize his clan better, and to form some stronger bonds. Pico had begun to think about how AKC could learn from clans like WGF, and how he could have order, but still maintain freedom. Thus, Pico decided that the clan would run with the slogan, “A Family Clan.” Pico wanted AKC to be more than just a group of friends under a banner playing games. He wanted AKC to be more of a family of gamers that was open to new additions. As Pico implemented his ideas to achieve this, the clan kept on growing. While WGF had restricted the use of their website with approval systems, waiting times, bad accessibility, signatures, and even nicknames, AKC would be completely different.

Pico also wanted AKC to be a place where people who wanted to improve themselves could come and play. Skill level, history, and whatever else there is, would no longer become a factor at AKC, as long as people would show progress. At AKC, everyone would have a chance. The forums would be open to everyone as well, but there were a few select forums that would be inaccessible to the public.

While AKC has built on these foundations and improved itself, WGF continues to restrict freedom. In fact, WGF has taken their restrictions to a new level by making new recruits wait a month before they can see the forums, and not only that, but only WGF members can take part in the forums. Non-members can no longer do anything on the site.

V. The AoC Dilemma

In 2007, Pico found himself getting involved in the AoC community, and particularly the AoC CS community. In many clan forums, fighting and disagreement had become normal. However, Pico introduced a new viewpoint of peace, and he attempted to reform the Saints clan in particular.

Temporarily, Saints would go so far as to be merged with AKC, but this fell through due to several conflicts of interest including the fact that none of the AKC clan members were active AoC CS players, and that the Saint’s leader Augustus was dissatisfied with Pico’s leadership. This was the beginning of the end for Pico in AoC CS. He was very unpopular, and it did not help when he was a newbie AoC CS player. His views of peace between the clans were also disliked, because Pico did not understand the need for politics.

However, Pico learned a lot during his time in the AoC CS community. He learned a lot about leadership and maturity, and he had an opportunity to study the clans he came into contact with. He even got a couple chances to create new sites for these clans, and thus he was able to gain some valuable experience as he continued to study web design.

In 2007, Pico also wanted to reconcile himself with his WGF haters. He wanted to apologize for the past, and just make some friends. However, WGF was very cold, and his apologies were thrown out of the window, as well as his account. WGF also began to deny his apologies ever took place, and at one point, he was told that the reason why his posts were being deleted was due to Pico’s immaturity. However, AKC had outgrown and out matured these jealous WGF members, and Pico knew that even if a couple bad apples disliked him, he had a true family in AKC to back him up.

VI. The Expansion

However, despite these various discouragements, one certain AoC player named I3dC_HUG3_ understood Pico’s point of view, and eventually joined AKC. This new member turned out to be one of the most productive forum users to date, while been the best candidate to lead AKC into AoC.
In the events following this new arrival, the clan expanded to over 150 members, and thus, AKC had greatly outgrown WGF. Again, it wasn’t through revenge, but through the maturity of its members.

During these times, Pico wanted to expand and bring the clan more. He then decided that AKC should be the first clan to have its own client for multiplayer gaming. He started forth into the VB and C# ranges and tried making it himself, but the lack of knowledge or experience stopped Pico dead in his tracks. He then consulted with a member named AKC_SuperFlee. SuperFlee had extended knowledge of VB and C#, and he coded a beta client for the clan. However, time and experience were not on our side, and the client was a failure.

During this time, Pico met an administrator on IGZ named Impeached, or Andy. Andy heard Pico’s cries for help and agreed to create this client on a private IGZ server. It was then that Pico was introduced to Tormentium, IGZ’s head programmer and leader. Pico and Tormentium negotiated payment and client production, and for a price, a client was designed and created for AKC. Thus, AKC was the first and currently the only clan ever in the history of AoE and RoR to have a private multiplayer client. The client sparked the RoR community, and with the number of games played on the client, everyone approved of it. However, activity died down on the client, and currently, it is due to be terminated, with normal activity taking place on the main IGZ client.

VII. Summer 2008

Because the younger members of the clan found more time with school being out, forum activity peaked during the summer months. A lot of AKC’s were active, in both forum and game. AKC was then able to expand into Gunz, AoC CS, and even Travian. In AoC CS, several AKC’s had joined Saints. Saints was, in a way, a sister clan to AKC. Saints was a tag in the Miniature Castle Blood (Mini CB; MCB) community, while AKC was the envy of the small RoR community. Things were going well for everyone involved.

As for Travian, several AKC’s including Nurswlooks and Raven registered on a couple different servers with the intention of expanding there. However, these plans fell through when we began dealing with several cheaters and losers who had found a way to send automated attacks on our villages. Thus, AKC dropped Travian, as we encourage fair cheat-free gaming. Finally, AKC held it’s first ever forum writing contest. It demonstrated a high level of forum activity before dying out, with intentions to restart it in the near future.

VIII. Conflict of Interests

In the fall, things began to go downhill. Several upper-end AKC’s had developed some disagreements with Pico over the mass recruiting in AoC CS, and the sudden promotion of UwS_J86 to the staff. According to them, he was nothing more than a good writer, but otherwise he did not bring anything new to the table. Also, there was a tag conflict. With Pico recruiting a lot of CS members, there were some loyalty issues, as several AKC’s had joined Saints. It is considered to be extremely dishonourable to multi-clan and the excuse of being part of two different communities was no longer valid.

Then things took a turn for the worst. AKC_HUG3 was told that he could no longer wear his Saint’s tag in AKC CS games. After a small argument with Pico, AKC_HUG3 left AKC on a conflict of interest and became Saint_HUG3; taking several upper-end AKC’s with him. However for Pico, the departures represented to him the ultimate online loss. As a direct result of this, Pico locked AKC’s database and vanished.

In his absence, members AKC_Doom and AKC_raven created a temporary forum effectively putting AKC on life support. During this time they both consulted the former upper-end AKC’s about the situation. Eventually, Pico was coaxed back online and bonds between him and Saint_HUG3 were repaired by AKC_Doom. Eventually, Saint_HUG3 was forgiven and he returned as AKC_Pluto, with the upper-end AKC’s soon following, Thus ending AKC’s darkest hour.

IX. Changes

The return of Pico meant a big change for AKC; its website is just one example. Pico updated the infusion coding to version 7 before re-opening the website. This new website was better than the old one in every single way possible. This new website looked more professional, a great coding feat which Pico conquered with a little help. This new website was eye candy for everyone and the clan experienced a boost in activity.

At the dawn of the New Year, Pico and co-leader AKC_Nurse formulated a new government arrangement, to replace the older, less efficient system. This change meant that each game was lead by its own leader, taking pressures off the leaders to monitor it. The changes also meant that the game leaders reported to the Conclave, instead of the leaders. In the wake of this new government, clan politics were once again working as they should.

X. Trouble

By April, Pico and Nurse had decided that AKC’s future was in trouble, the governmental structure introduced by them was failing with many members going inactive. After several talks, they decided to promote Doom and Pluto to take charge of the clan while they stepped back to watch. After Pico and Nurse announced their plans, the government was dissolved, with all council members and the Conclave losing their powers. It was Doom and Pluto’s task to sort out AKC and get it active again, making its future bright once again.

I hope that anyone may be encouraged to make a clan, and take our experience with it to glory. You would just prove that any clan, with the friendship, family, and leadership that we have put together, can thrive. We also want to take the time to thank Didos for his continued support in AKC even through our toughest of times. And of course a thanks to EVERYONE who has had their part, may it be big or small, in AKC’s history. May the clan flourish further in the future!

Thank you for reading.

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